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Housebound with your kids. How to entertain them and keep your sanity?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

We are all in this together! This post has been made by a mum who's learning how to educated two small kids at home, and for all the parents who are doing the same. Throw away the schedules! Lets create a new home learning experience that's realistic and goes beyond worksheets and spelling tests. Education is so much more than Maths, English and Irish. Particularly for primary school kids who learn through play and interaction. Some of us will want to maintain a routine and structure while the rest of us don't know where to start so here's where I can help!

What matters most is our health and wellbeing so take things at your own pace and do what you can within in the constraints of your own environment. Right now kids just want to feel safe and secure, that everything is going to be OK. There'll be days when we do absolutely nothing but play, shout, roar, dance, laugh and mess about and that's OK too!

This list will evolve and grow and I would love for everyone to contribute to it. What works best for you? Do you have any other useful links, resources and ideas I can include? Please send on to info@dublincitymum.ie and share the love!

I've categorised the resources into the following: Live Online Classes, Education, Creative, Exercise + Movement, and Explore.

Live Online Classes

9:00am: The Body Coach Joe Wicks Brilliant workouts for kids and fun for parents to join in too!

9:00am: Rinka Ireland Live kids workouts. Fun family exercise that everyone can join in.

9:30am: Mind Body Ireland Online kids yoga and storytelling

10:00am: Meandthemoon Art workshops that are designed to stimulate children’s curiosity, creativity and confidence - running free live workshops every Friday on Facebook.

10:00am: Play.horray Live Arts and Crafts Monday to Friday.

10:00am: Harmony Yoga Live Zoom yoga classes for toddlers + older kids.