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Annabel Karmel - Real Food Kids Will Love

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

I had the pleasure and privilege of meeting the highly acclaimed cook, author and all time kids food icon Annabelle Karmel last week at the Dylan Hotel, Dublin. Amazing!! Annabel has written a whopping 44 books and is a powerhouse of a woman, mother and entrepreneur. Her latest book 'Real Food Kids will Love' has tons of fantastic and easy recipes for all the family. Why cook three different meals when you can cook one? With over 100 fab flavoured healthy recipes, it will transform how you cook and the amount of time you spend in the kitchen! These fast and fun dishes will encourage even the fussiest eaters (including my own!) Included is a brilliant pull out reward chart encouraging kids to eat their 5 a day. How cool is that? Such a good idea. Scroll down to see the competition to win one of your very own signed by Annabel.

The book features 15-minute dinners for busy school nights, meat-free meals, healthy alternatives to favourite takeaways and super healthy tasty treats. My girls were weaned on Annabel's baby and toddler recipes and as they grow I’m so excited to have new set of options for my family, especially the no sugar chocolate orange energy balls. Oh yes! What a morning!! #realfoodkidswilllove #annabelkarmel #familymeals #healtyrecipies #kidscooking #dublincitymum #notyouraveragethursday


Check out Annabel Karmel introducing her book 'Real Food Kids will Love'.

Vegan Tofu Burgers

This book works whether you are a meat eater, vegan or vegetarian. It really is a comprehensive cook book for all the family. Check out Annabel talk through her vegan tofu burgers. Yum.

Pulled Chicken Baps

Oh yes! I've already made these and I promise this recipe will become your once a week family favourite.

Cooking with Kids

Getting kids involved in cooking can do wonders for their self-esteem. OK so inviting your pint size sous-chef into the kitchen can be chaotic to say the least but the skills they'll learn will be well worth the raised stress levels! Check out Annabel talking about how to make her insanely delicious No-Sugar Chocolate Orange Energy Balls.


Win a signed copy of Annabel's Real Food Kids Will Love. To enter, see details @dublincitymum Competition ends Friday 13 July 2018.

My morning with Annabel Karmel!

Annabel Karmel

Hilarious Boomerang!

I'll leave you with this. Our ridiculously hilarious boomerang attempt! You know, as you do with Annabel Karmel on a Thursday morning!!

Where do I get my hands on this book?

You can buy Annabel Karmel's book - Real Food Kids Will Love from Amazon or any good local book store.

For more info on weaning your baby, check out my 'You + Baby' section on

Written by Avril White @dublincitymum 9 July 2018

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